Wise & Wild in America - Sol.Center
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Wise & Wild

Life mastery requires not only self-knowledge and creative vision, but also inspiration and proximity to those who achieved results. This series of interviews with some of the “wise and wild” I’ve met on my path will hopefully provide some grounding highlights for those engaged on the road of self-reclamation and especially for the young generations.

                               – Adina Dabija

Educate the People Who Are Interested and That’s Enough

Interview with Patti Wood, environmental activist and author

Take Full Responsibility for Your Awakening

Interview with Lonny Jarrett – teacher, scholar, author

Connect to your own truth and follow that

Interview with Livia Kohn, emeritus professor of Religion and East Asian Studies at Boston University by Adina Dabija

Out of the Unworthiness Trap

Interview with Kelly Tallaksen, Board Certified Hypnotist, by Adina Dabija

Embrace the world. Drink it in. Change with it

Interview with dr. Steve Jackowicz, MAc, LAc, PhD by Adina Dabija

Have the courage to listen to your unconscious voice

Interview with Dr. Anna Lups, by Adina Dabija

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