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Qi Gong


Foundational Qi Gong

Qi can be translated as “vital force”. Qi gong literally means “vital force practice”. The purpose of these exercises is to purify, strengthen and circulate the qi/ vital force within our bodies, for health, longevity and spiritual clarity, connecting to the fundamental aspects of the elements of nature.

Qi gong encompasses body postures, breathing, sounds and hands postures to improve the quality and circulation of Qi within the channels.

Benefits: The strength and power of the qi is accumulated through practice with focused concentration.

There is no end to the degree of purification and refinement that is possible. Daily practice strengthens and circulates the qi, strengthens the fascia-structure, improves the health of the internal organs, and improves the quality of the blood.

Qi Gong Promotes: Immune function, Vitality, Longevity & Spiritual Clarity

Sample Curriculum:

What is qi? The Principles of Qi Gong. Sounds and postures associated with the five elements. Circulating qi through the acupuncture meridians. Exercises to increase your qi sensitivity.

The role of the mind. Your daily Qi Gong routine. Tips for a better practice. Movements of qi. Cathartic (purging) practices (Tu xie Gong).

The five elements theory and emotions management practices using the five. Mind-spirit practices (Xin gong, Shen gong) from Buddhist and Daoist traditions. Inner-outer integration practices with time and space.

The Macroscopic Orbit and connection with yuan qi (primordial/ source qi). Medical and spiritual practices using sounds and breathing. Medical and spiritual practices using ying (hands postures). Inner alchemy practices (fire-water integration, Nei gong). Daoist practices. Evaluation of your qi project.

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Duration 60 minutes

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10 (1 ON 1) SESSIONS $1,500

Private instruction live or on zoom

Duration: 60 minutes/ class

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