Mindfulness & Meditation - Sol.Center
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Mindfulness & Meditation

Receive one-on-one guidance on how to implement meditation in your every day life.

Instead of feeling rushed and overwhelmed, meditation helps you ground and connect to where you are at. When calm and centered in your purpose, you develop mental clarity and focus to find more time and space in your life.

Meditation helps us understand ourselves better and apply the insights to all areas of our lives, especially relationships. With non-judgemental awareness of the present moment we find relief from stress, anxiety and anger and instead cultivate a kind and balanced attitude.

Guided Meditation Classes

(Private & Groups)

Your Wellness Map

Private instruction on zoom

1 session of 50 min $85

1 sessions of 25 min $40


Personal Commitment (on zoom/or in person)

10 sessions of 50 min each $750

10 sessions of 25 min $375

Stress-reduction & Personal Growth

Private instruction on zoom

Guided Group Mindfulness Meditation

(1 hour, guided in group)

1 session for $15 

15 sessions for $150

Monthly Membership 

Private instruction on zoom

Attend the guided weekly classes &

receive 20% off on private guidance meditation 

$55 per month

$550 per year

Call or Email DR. Hildur to arrange a session: hildur@sol.center


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