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Dental MSA Scanning

What is BioScan MSA (Meridian Stress Assessment)

BioScan MSA provides an energetic perspective on the state of your body’s health, on the functional state of the organs and checks burdens stemming from environmental toxins, stresses, different foods and emotions.

You will also get a comprehensive look at how your body reacts to dental work such as root canals, crowns, fillings and extraction sites.

The FDA approved BioScan MSA allows the practitioner to perform a comprehensive scan which measures the skin conductivity of different acupuncture points associated with your body’s major systems and organs.

Created by dr. Voll in 1965, the program has been used in Germany since the 1940s and has recently become more widely available in the US. By carefully analyzing this energy flow in each of the meridians, Adina will be able to evaluate whether any of these pathways are blocked or restricted.

Dental Screening & Compatibility of Materials

This 60 min test checks burdens stemming from root canal teeth, crowns, fillings and extraction sites. It determines which anesthetics, cements, composites, metals, denture materials are best suited for you.

The Procedure

You will hold a small brass Hand Mass in one hand while the doctor uses a stylus to touch various acupuncture points on your hands and feet. Each point is associated with certain organs or systems in your body.

A small current of 2.4 volts goes into each point. It is painless and non-invasive. The equipment measures the time it takes for the current to make one complete circuit using a highly sensitive ohmmeter, much like an EKG machine. If there is any inflammation impeding the flow of energy, the equipment detects and reports it.

The data gathered by the BioScan MSA scan is plotted on a colorful and easy to read report. This data is analyzed by your practitioner and a customized plan is created to help strengthen the body and put your body on the path to a balanced and efficient state.

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