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Wise & Wild


Interview with Dr. Anna Lups, by Adina Dabija

Originally from Holland, dr. Anna Lups immigrated in the United States of America in her early twenties.

After her formal training in medicine with a specialty in cardiology, both in Holland and New York, she moved upstate New York and bought an apple orchard in Hudson Valley, which she transformed into a biodynamic farm.

Dr. Lups expanded her internal medicine and cardiology practice to include anthroposophic medicine, a holistic system based on Rudolph Steiner’s teachings.

She offered holistic treatments to many patients for whom conventional medicine exhausted its approaches.

I first visited the farm in the summer of 2015, when Dr. Lups offered a workshop on the foundations of the anthroposophic system.

I was impressed by the natural order of the farm life and its imprints on the visitor’s inner kingdom.

I returned at the end of 2019 to buy dr. Lups’ book, The One, then in January 2020 I asked her if she would agree to be featured in my future book Wild and Wise in America.

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